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“A SkyClip to hold your phone or tablet near eye level to make it easier (and more comfortable) to watch tv or a movie during your flight because not every plane is equipped with a personal screen. *crosses fingers that it happens soon*”

We are so excited to introduce you to the SkyClip. The idea was born on a flight to Barbados for our annual scuba diving trip. We watched friends and travelers struggling for a simple way to use their phones and tablets to watch movies and use the WiFi.

In late 2018 we launched our original SkyClip design and the response was overwhelming but we didn’t stop there. We took in all your feedback and added every feature you asked for and are now ready to share the new SkyClip+ with you. We hope you continue to enjoy the convenience and multi-function use of the SkyClip brand.

We want to hear where you have traveled with the SkyClip and how it has helped. Make sure to ask your flight attendants for one so if they don’t offer them yet maybe they soon will.

– Mickey & Seth –

The Full SkyClip
Promo Video

Tips To Secure Your Device During
A Bumpy Flight

You Choose The Best Angle

Two strategically placed angles for direct line of sight viewing with the seat in front of you in the upright or reclined position.
Simply set your device down on the sturdy base and enjoy.

Inflight Entertainment Out. Personal Entertainment In.

Finally, a device holder that makes travel more comfortable.
Our compact, durable, one piece design will make your busy day just a bit more enjoyable.