AxelPerez.US: The New Phone Hack To Make Cooking Hassle + Germ-Free While In The Kitchen


As we’ve been quarantining and cooking up meals for our friends and family with a tablet showing a YouTube tutorial, have you ever wondered how to keep your device germ-free and stay in place while cooking up a storm?

That’s where The SkyClip+ comes in ( Inspired by a diving trip to Barbados, the new, foldable product holds their smartphone, tablets, and so forth with a detachable cord to hook onto a wall or a surface. The sling can also be removed, making it the perfect item to hold your device while checking out the latest viral cooking video or tutorial. Dysleximedia LLC SkyClip Giveaway – Enter To Win A SkyClip


SkyClip Giveaway is open to be eligible to participate in the Giveaway, entrants must be United States residents. Just submit your entry and get chance to win a SkyClip.

How To Enter : Entrants are free to enter, any purchase or payment will not necessary to enter or win. A purchase not raise your chances of winning.

  1. Enter Online and Open the Giveaway page and Enter.

  2. Read carefully all the official Rules before entering in Giveaway.

  3. Take a part between entry periods.

  4. Now wait for get a chance to win a SkyClip.

Trazee Travel: Skyclip+ Makes Flying More Comfortable

Watch movies and work more comfortably in flight with SkyClip+, the ultimate in foldable convenience that you can take along when you travel to securely hold your smart devices.

SkyClip+ features a foldable, space-saving design, non-slip rubber surfaces and a hook ‘n cord attachment users can mount on a closed tray table or airplane seat to maximize legroom and enhance comfort. SkyClip+ is available in classic black, navy blue and ivory white.

Business Insider:TransMedia Group to Put ‘The SkyClip’ In The Media Spotlight To Show How The Device Makes Work and Play More Comfortable

TransMedia Group will launch and manage a publicity campaign for an innovative company whose first product will guarantee more comfortable flights for travelers worldwide, including home offices that are now converting into work areas, with a device that holds their smartphone, tablet, etc. called The SkyClip®.

TransMedia Group said its publicity will bring awareness to the perfect gadget to support  travelers’ devices while flying and various other uses. Compatible with iPhone and Android, The SkyClip (www.theskyclip.comis the world’s first airplane mounted device holder that enables travelers to work or play while on-the-go.